What’s the point of Twitter?

    Mrs Walker has some good points which should be considered. She asks:

    Why should educators get involved? What difference does using Twitter make?

    Here are some answers (which I have chopped to the main point for each) that you might like to share.

    1. Together we’re better

    Teaching can be a lonely business. In a school where lessons are long and lunchtimes are short, not enough conversations between teachers I work with are about learning.

    2. Global or local: you choose

    Whilst some Twitter users will not tolerate many overtly egotistical self-publicisers (some celebrities have come under fire for using the service just to broadcast banalities to their flocks of fans), there is no doubt that Twitter users have the potential to reach very large international audiences.

    3. Self-awareness and reflective practice

    Excellent teachers reflect on what they are doing in their schools and look at what is going well in order to maintain and develop it, and what needs improvement in order to make it better. Teachers on Twitter share these reflections and both support and challenge each other.

    4. Ideas workshop and sounding board

    Twitter is a great medium for sharing ideas and getting instant feedback.

    5. Newsroom and innovation showcase

    Sitting down with a newspaper is not a luxury I have the time to enjoy every day. Twitter helps me stay up to date on news and current affairs, as well as on the latest developments in my areas of interest:  school leadership, technology and languages.

    6. Professional development and critical friends

    One of the best things about training days is the break out time between sessions, when teachers can get together to talk about what they are working on or struggling with. Twitter enables me to have that kind of powerful networking capacity with me all the time. It’s just a matter of finding the right people to follow. As @melaniemcbride said:

    “Following smart people on Twitter is like a mental shot of expresso”

    7. Quality-assured searching

    I trust the people I follow. I hone and develop the list of people whose insights I value.

    8. Communicate, communicate, communicate

    Expressing yourself in 140 characters is a great discipline.

    9. Getting with the times has never been so easy!

    There is no good reason why teachers shouldn’t stick with the times, engage with the technology and keep up with the kids.

    Taken from Mrs Walker where you should go and read the whole thing.

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