Tings tae dae…

My current “Tae Dae” list bears an uncanny resemblance to the planning document used by Eisenhower for D Day, 6th June 1944 but without the Annexes, maps and logistical detail. Even so it is still a big beast. So, virtual lance in hand, I have four days to sort S5 reports, review the prelims and prepare feedback for S4 and S5/6, finish my GLOWMeet presentation for Thursday 18th February at 1600hrs (did you see the wee plug I slipped in there for GLOW?) AND one or two other currently hush hush projects. I also want to start blogging and reflecting online again. After all. HMIe say it is good CPD along with teachmeets…Oh rhubarb, I’ve got to add Teachmeet Highland in May to the list !

I also want to add links to things that I find, or people in my Personal Learning Network (of which more anon) each week a la Mr Doug Belshaw who seems to have 26 hours in each of HIS days and once we find out how he does it, we’ll bottle it and donate it to teachers everywhere.

I’ve been looking at Alan Hamilton’s blog, as well as catching up with all matter literacy-orientated with the famous Bill Boyd, coming to a CPD event near you and well worth the time, money and shortbread. Which reminds me to update all the blogroll links on each of the three blogs I’m running under WordPress WPMU on my new site. The revision one, the reflection one (this thing here) and the resources one (for my students). (Another thing for the list…)

More to follow…

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