Out of the mouths of babes…Games Based Learning

S2 discussion on motivational styles and learning on Friday during their personal reading/library period. ”We liked the Samorost Unit as we did lots of creative things and learned things but didn’t realise we were learning (because it was fun as well)”

Job done!

Background to this:

Games Based Learning works IF you plan it carefully AND ensure there are several Learning Objectives not just ‘Students will write a story’ We did descriptive writing, informative (a user’s guide to playing the game), creative (write a new version of the back story to the game), poster design for adverts or the game itself and finally had discussions about how to solve the puzzles/play the game and what they thought they had learned using critical/creative thinking. A very bright S2 class who exceeded all my expectations.

Samorost 1 is available here and the second in the series is here

Other games being used include Inanimate Alice and Machinarium

See The Literacy Adviser also known as Bill Boyd’s blog here for ideas on using these games/graphical adventures for literacy work. A detailed post on Samorost is here

Another world renowned expert and one on whom I based a lot of my stuff is Kim Pericles in Australia who has used De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats whilst playing Samorost 1 to really bring out the best in her kids. Further details here and all her blog posts about Samorost are here

Next step with S2 is to design and run our own game with learning objectives and success criteria inserted within the game. We’ll let you know how we get on.

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