My S5/6 will be discussing ‘The Net Generation’ this week

Don Tapscott well kent Canadian author on digital issues gave a talk to the American ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) about the way the Net Generation who are, he says ‘ bathed in bits’ are being pushed away or blocked from learning in their own way.

His main point?

Collaboration is another major hallmark of the Net Generation. However, Tapscott said, we have a tendency to squander or prohibit this strength in schools and workplaces.

“What do we do with this collaboration-geared generation? We stick them in a cubicle, supervise them like they’re Dilbert, and take away their tools (i.e., blocking sites like Facebook and Youtube).” Tapscott calls this creating a generational firewall. “It says, ‘We don’t get you, we don’t understand your tools, and we don’t trust you to use them.

And his answer is?

So how do schools embrace the Net Generation?

“We can’t just throw technology in a classroom and expect good things,” notes Tapscott. We need to move away from an outdated, broadcast-style of pedagogy (i.e., lecture and drilling) toward student-focused, multimodal learning, where “the teacher’s no longer in the transmission of data business; she’s in the customizing-learning-experiences-for-students business.”

To reshape pedagogy, Tapscott says that we must consider eight norms for the Net Generation: freedom, customization, scrutiny, integrity, collaboration, entertainment, speed, and innovation.

Read the whole thing here – there are some excellent comments afterwards

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