Mobile Phones…

Whilst I personally think that mobiles, especially the newer SmartPhones can be used effectively within the educational context, there are obvious problems. Some kids will simply not have the latest Web 2.0 capable phones whilst others will use them to text the girl sitting opposite rather than engage in that well known human activity, social interaction (or gossiping/chatting up).  However so long as the Council rules are that mobiles are NOT to be used I will continue to persuade my students to keep them off and out of sight. I was wondering about a foolproof method of ensuring they can’t use phones. I often call up Bluetooth on the Airliner Slate/SmartBoard software and can show them the dozen phones and their codes. They cottoned on and changed the phones codes so the last time I had a projected display showing such interesting phone names as ‘Mr T FTW’, ‘Mr T rocks’ ‘Sexy Beast’ (which couldn’t possibly have been about me 😎 and ‘N**** E*** is a Sex God’. In the case of N.E. in my S* Class I would agree with this were I a drooling teenage girl….

Anyway the solution is at hand – I found this on Scott McLeod’s blog….

“Oh, For Crying-out-load. Just hang one of those shoe organisers next to the door and require each student to check in their phones on entering the classroom, then they can retrieve them after class. Just drop your phone in your slot and pick it up on the way out. Hey look, I solved the problem for less than $5.00”

I don’t know if this is a fantastic idea or not, but it sure made me laugh. Sometimes easy solutions to our problems are staring us in the face if only we have the courage to think creatively. As we head into the new school year, who thinks their local school has an effective solution for inappropriate student use of mobile phones?

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