Lessons and Learning Experiences

Recently David Rogers published his thoughts on what he felt made a learning experience profound. I have to say I agree wholeheartedly with him on his ‘Top Five’ things that make a profound learning experience.

(They include his thoughts that a lesson should be emotional, connected, demanding, challenging and collaborative)

I’ve found that engaging the kids by getting them to think critically about things, discuss the often contentious points raised, and in some cases getting emotionally involved in what can be demanding topics is much more fulfilling.

They get more out of the lesson as do I because we than have to challenge each other to do better next time. Works particularly well with S3/S4 who are just beginning to vaguely realise there IS a world out there that they need to be aware of.

Thanks David – just what I needed to consolidate my woolly thinking on how to make a great lesson lead to even better ones.

David’s site with lots of excellent Geography links and ‘stuff’ is here


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