Learning Objectives – helpful files

Apparently if you make sure your students know what the learning objectives of your lesson are, you improve attainment by 20%. (Marzano 2003) Recently in an effort to sort additional evidence for HMIe in September I’ve been fiddling with EXCEL and WORD to produce a wall chart for my classroom which I also turned into small Bloom cards that I put into a very small pocketbook. I also like the idea seen by Andrea Reid whereby one of the schools she visited has the Bloom’s taxonomy on laminated cards in a fan which teachers carry on their person at all times. See here.

Anyway – here are the three items – Bloom which is a 6 page Word document/table that you can cut and paste, delete stuff as you wish   The LOs original Excel spreadsheet (Excel 2007) showing action verbs and materials etc, and finally an Excel 2003-2007 LOs with comments for online use instead of cells full of text (hover over red triangles).

Original ideas from Andrea (Gawd bless you ma’am! *tugs forelock*) and links for the new Bloom’s and suggested verbs/materials are here (down under)


  1. Hi Dave,
    Thanks for these resources – will be v useful for planning and classroom. Appreciate your effort especially with the word doc.
    Loved the fan idea – will help my poor old memory :-]


  2. Thanks for that Kim. More to follow! I’m currently updating all the various handouts and posters we have for our staff ready for another HMIe inspection in September. Assessment and lesson planning to follow…

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