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Good critical thinking starter here:

“I’ve been….fascinated by the way that different people cope with ‘time’ management. The people who most intrigue me are those who spend 20 mins complaining that they never seem to have enough ‘time’ to get things done. In the meantime, there goes another 20 mins.

Toffler’s Future Shock waxed delirious about this issue decades ago. Even back then, he indicated that more needs to be accomplished every day; yet in the same amount of ‘time’. And as a result, some of us begin to feel stretched beyond our natural pace for life.

I’ve always loved the narrative about the African explorer who was beating his way through the jungle, and determined to reach a distant mountain within two days. He exhorted his native bearers to go faster and faster, offering all form of inducements to encourage them to speed up.

Yet, a day from their destination, these bearers sat down and refused to moved. No amount of beatings or promises of extra payment could induce them to move on.

And when they were asked why they refused to move, they simply replied: “Because we’re waiting for our souls to catch up.”

See at Tony Ryan’s blog here

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