Higher English catches up with C21 writing

Now that Higher English includes a creative writing piece for a two piece folio, I was glad to see that one of the main activities recommended for students to increase their vocabulary and practice their writing was (drumroll please…) BLOGS.

One of my S6 girls currently has 15 chapters on her blog of a Vampire-Japanese-romantic -Goth-EMO-they all die at the end -type story. OK, so she’s not going to upstage JK Rowling just now but her potential is clear and her sheer enthusiasm for blogging is great. She doesn’t want people commenting just yet as she uses it to just ‘get the writing out of the brain’. A great example of using technology to enhance her chances of producing a great piece of work for her folio and well done SQA for highlighting blogging as a way of improving attainment.

Remember the National Literacy Trust report (pdf here) in December last year about young people and their writing? They said 24% had their own blog, 82% texted regularly and 73% WROTE messages to their friends online. All in all they did far more writing than people give them credit for.

I’m encouraging my lot to blog or keep journals. I often ask them – ‘what happened on the way to school? or ‘Anything daft happen in TESCO at lunchtime?’. All sources of good stories and, on occasion, their horror at the spelling mistakes they find on TESCO shelves!

I think I’ve corrupted them – I’m going to need more black markers if we’re all going to correct public spelling and apostrophe abuse in Elgin!

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