Did a GLOW Meet tonight on the subject of wikis, blogs and a quick look at ePortfolios. Started at 4pm after a day spent testing, testing on the mike…. people logged on from as far afield as the Islands, Glasgow and Edinburgh or even from the room next door (the Boss) 8-)I  was also grateful for the support of two colleagues (Jane and Fiona) who lurked in the room watching me on the big screen.

The whole thing lasted around 30 mins with a couple of questions afterwards – all the various links and documents I referred to are in the library on the English teachers’ GLOW site. (Link to follow) I’ll add them here as well once I finish eating my birthday cake!The recording will be stuck up in the GLOW Group by Tina Stephens in due course.

Reflection: I thought I spoke too much and was a bit too fast paced on occasion. I had a script but was also trying to ensure people were kept interested so panicked a bit halfway through and started waffling. *Note to self: chill….*

The last time I did something similar was during a video conference in 1991 when it cost 1/2 million squid, took 23 Royal Signals guys to keep the satellite and video link going and all for a ten minute brief to/from troops in the UK/Middle East. How times change and how easy was this GLOW Meet to actually do. I was expecting a hive of chatter but obviously the bandwidth would have caused dropped audio etc. Other than that, I really enjoyed it and would encourage anyone to do one – not only do you do some effective CPD you gain insights into how to do similar things with your students. I have this idea for a GLOW Meet with Barry O in Washington discussing Hughes’s ‘I Too sing America’ ! I am also going to encourage the maddest Chemist in the world (who looks nothing like the mad chemist in The Muppet Show) to do a GLOW Meet showing how he mixes hard rock/heavy metal with the Periodic Table.

A good learning experience then which gave me  much confidence for the future. Thanks to Tina Stephens for asking me on, Ross Watson and Allan Reid f(our GLOW Support Teachers)  for helping me set up and test and to my S2 girls who drew a HUGE sign for the door saying ‘Quiet Please GLOWMeet in progress’. Thank you ladies.

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