Fear is NOT an option….

Ah Ewan, you’ve got to the point again….

Go read this post and watch the TED video of James (Titantic/Avatar) Cameron on learning and teaching – failure is an option fear is not. The new mantra for teachers trying to use IT and bring their kids into the 21st Century DESPITE the Luddites/Empire Builders who are full of fear…..

The main quote:

What I see with increasing regularity is that education leaders are gripped by the notion that failure is not an option (à la Nasa) and that fear will prevent that happening. Meanwhile, on the ground we see teachers prepared to take measured risk, putting their previous fears to one side, and accept, as they ask their students to do in learning, that there will be some degree of failure before we get to where we want to be.

I’m quite clear on who I think needs to change their game.

Quite! 😎

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