Education2020 – an ‘unconference’ on Islay

I very much regret that I was not able to sort time off to attend the ‘unconference’ on Islay this week. From all accounts it was a great weekend, with some excellent discussion and chatting about educational matters and what many of us see as the future in Scottish education.There is lots of great stuff on the wiki here

Several people have already starting blogging about the event including John Connell with a provocative and as always excellent post on the way some people would not enter fully into the spirit of things. An ‘unconference’ is not necessarily an anarchic version of a conference but it does encourage all to take part equally and not to just sit and listen to ‘expert’ telling us what they think and not letting us give our views.

The weekend DID descend into legalised violence and chaos with the ‘unconference’ moving to and taking part in the Islay 7s Beach Rugby on the Saturday. To say that Louise and Tessa and others made an impact in their ‘morph suits’ is like saying Pinocchio is a congenital liar. It may be true but we don’t talk about such things in public! Pictures here and here

Meanwhile those unfortunate enough not to be able to attend Islay held a Flashmeeting – my webcam then died and it took ages to sort by which time I’d lost track and had to withdraw. The meeting itself covered some wide ranging topics and can be viewed here

Keep watching the wiki for updates, photos and blog posts.


14th June: Some points about future ‘unconferences’ are made by Andrew Brown (Development Manager for GLOW) on his blog here and he reports on what happened here

16th June: Another blog post by Derek Robertson the “Gaming in Education guru” 😎 is here and a post by Jaye Richards of GLOW and Twiter fame is here

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