“Don’t hand it in – publish it” Alan November

Taking Alan’s advice directly to heart I told my S1, and both S2 classes that they had a completely free choice on how they answered their essay question/fairy tale adaptation. I gave the younger ones some sites to look at such as www.bitstrips.com for comic strips but unfortunately www.stagedproject.com was blocked as was animoto. Notwithstanding this (Gosh I LOVE that word!) they came back with everything from PowerPoints, to film clips, to youtube videos, comic strips, photo articles in mocked up magazines, audio files reports and mini movies with music and youtube videos inserted alongside pictures etc.

I’m really pleased with them. The S1 are telling me a traditional fairy tale – some have already done ones with a twist or modern style. S2 essays were on the pros and cons of a piece of technology which ranged from laptops to dishwashers to phones. for 3D film animation.

Fantastic  and excellent examples of how CfE will change things for the better.

I’ll add some examples shortly – trying to trim the file sizes down a bit as the kids select top quality, best sound etc and the resultant files are HUGE 😎

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