Digital Britain

This long awaited report was published today. With some good points about ICT and teachers, yet there will be little or no resources available to ensure we can keep up with the changing world out there. Another ‘wish list’ pushed by the ‘wish list’ Government who hope we will lose interest and they can quietly shelve it (or the bits that might need investment which they can’t afford) as they do with so many things.

Report here

Neil Adam – ICT and Education consultant on Twitter: “A key concern with current teaching of ICT has been the lack of qualifications, skills and status of ICT teachers.” and the report carries out a “general review of ICT in education from EYFS (Early Years) thru to HE (Higher Education)  in Ch 6 without committing to more. See no new support for teachers

This is the problem – a long and detailed examination is required to sort the claims from the dross from the spin in this report.


UPDATE: Donald Clark has some  thoughts – go here for his usual acerbic examination !

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