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Session: 2006/2007/2008/2009            David AM Terron -Elgin Academy

Outline of Professional Development Activity undertaken Time and Date Duration Outcome and Impact (include reference to supporting evidence)
Moray Council Induction Day 0900-1530

Thursday 16th August 2006

1 day Introduction to local authority – administration points and insight into procedures etc. Some group work on class management and potential areas for concern.
Mapwise: Mind Map modelling to enhance student learning 0900-1500

Friday 17th August 2006

1 day Gained an insight into the learning process, how to use mind mapping/modelling to let pupils do their thinking first THEN get the results onto paper. Pair and group work during day on variety of examples.
Elgin Academy Induction Day 0900-1530

Monday 21st August 2006

1 day Introduction to the school, induction and administration procedures. Issue of handbooks, timetables and briefings etc
Briefing by Guidance Department Elgin Academy 1230-1330 24th August 2006 1hr Discussion on merit stamps and system; role of guidance teachers and department.
GTC – Professionalism in practice 0930-1230

Wed 13th September 2006

½ day Series of lectures and discussion on professionalism in the teaching profession by John Anderson Head of Professional Practice, GTC (Scotland). Covered knowledge and understanding of the rules and regulations, brought up to date on latest legal framework and requirements for personal conduct and the consequences of failure to comply.
Educational Library Services briefing day 1600-1730

Wed 27th September 2006

1 ½ hours Briefing on facilities available on and offline with ELS at Moray Council. Shown various teaching packs available and discussed changes that would be desirable from our point of view.
SQA STACS analysis – how to read the charts 1530-1700hrs Monday 2nd October 2006 1.5 hrs Seminar and discussion on STACS and how to read SQA data and plan ahead accordingly taking note of weak areas brought up by the results and data.
EAL Seminar and briefing by Local Authority EAL Service 1530-1800hrs Wednesday 4th October 2006 2.5 hrs Seminar on how best to teach students with English as Additional Language. Issued resources and given links to others available for teaching Polish/Chilean students in my S1 classes. Discussion on best practice and requirements for ESOL examinations
ASG AiFL meeting 1330-1530hrs

Fri 6th October 2006

2 hrs Nominated as Elgin Academy Rep on the local ASG. Meeting at Seafield Primary with associated primary school reps and local Authority assessment officer (Irene Ross)
Standard Grade Marking Workshop 1100-1145hrs Monday 9th October 2006 45 minutes Lead by PT with exemplars and handouts from Standard Grade Workshop he had presented previous weekend in Dumfries and Galloway. Moderation of grades awarded by self and other staff. Department marking in ‘a pleasing concurrence’
Support for Learning CPD Day 0900-1300hrs Thursday 2nd November 2006 1 day Range of lectures and activities involving Learning Support and the new 2005(Scotland) Act
Individual discussions with Support for Learning staff 1300-1500hrs Thursday 2nd November 2006 2 hrs Individual discussions with Learning Support staff from Local Authority, Health and Social workers, EAL staff and personal discussion regarding own case as deaf teacher teaching hearing children
In school AiFL seminar – sharing objectives and success criteria 1530-1700hrs Thursday 2nd November 1.5 hrs Sharing of good practice by colleagues from Speyside High
ASG AiFL Meeting 1330-1530hrs Wednesday 8th November 2006 2 hrs ASG AiFL meeting at Seafield Primary. Arranged marking moderation sessions and sharing of good assessment practice throughout the Associated Schools.
In school AiFL seminar – Questioning techniques 1530-1700hrs Tuesday 13th November 2006 1.5 hrs Discussion and seminar on questioning techniques
Literacy across the Curriculum 0900-1500hrs Friday 17th November 2006 1 day Differentiation and texts across the curriculum
‘An Audience with Brian Boyd’ 0900-1600hrs 20th November 2006 1 day Briefings and discussions on “A Curriculum for Excellence”, differentiation, critical thinking skills and lesson planning for literary using Accelerated Learning techniques
In School INSET – A Curriculum for Excellence and Sharing Good practice 0900-1500hrs Tuesday 21st November 2006 1 day Briefings on “A Curriculum for Excellence”, differentiation, critical thinking skills and lesson techniques sharing good practice by visiting other departments.
In school AiFL seminar – Feedback

1530-1700hrs Thursday 30th November 2006 1.5 hours Feedback and reporting.

ASG AiFL Moderation Session

1545-1600hrs Tuesday 5th December 2006 1.5hours Moderation exercises in writing – assessment at D and E level in conjunction with P7 teachers from Elgin Associated schools

Reciprocal Teaching Seminar and English Teachers’ Group meeting

1630-1830hrs Tuesday 5th December 2006 2 hours Seminar and briefing on Reciprocal teaching methods and experiences followed by Moray English Teachers’ meeting and discussions on literacy and teaching.

Looking for a Job

1330-1630hrs Friday 19th January 2007 3 hours Job hunting, CVs and letters of application
Tree of Life – teaching with confidence 0900-1530hrs Friday 9th February 2007 1 day Various approaches to confidence building and teaching styles, relaxation techniques and positive teaching.
Co-operative Teaching 1530-1700hrs Thursday 8th February 2007 1.5hrs In house lectures and practical seminar on co-operative teaching methods.
Reciprocal teaching seminars 30 Jan, 12 Feb 26 Feb 26 Mar 1600-1730hrs daily Authority wide course on reciprocal teaching techniques
ASG Meeting AiFL 30 April 2007 1530-1800hrs Update AiFL ASG Report and discuss ongoing assessment methods
Creativity for boys and Assessment – Mary Pirie 21/22 February 2007 2 mornings Observed by Mary Pirie teaching a lesson with S1 on 6th March 2007. Given feedback and further advice.
English Teachers’ Group meeting on A Curriculum for Excellence Wednesday 9th May 2007 2 hours Network meeting and discussion on how English can be adapted to the requirements of ACE
INSET Thursday 24th May 2007 All day Departmental training
INSET Friday 25th May 2007 All day Aims of school discussion then helped present lessons on use of reciprocal teaching to other departments
Airliner Slate Tuesday 5th June 2007 1.5 hours Acted as assistant to presenter and then demonstrated many of the available facilities and answered questions afterwards.
Non Fiction Texts and literacy Various days throughout the year 6 sessions Literacy and improving levels using wide variety of resources and teaching methods. (LA run sessions by Literacy Officer)
Critical Skills Level 1 May 08 3 days
Critical Skills Level 2 Jan 09 3 days
Attended eAssessment Conference Sep 09 1 day eAssessment and ePortfolios.
EAL twilights (Council) for support of students Sep 09 – Jan 10 6 sessions Resources and strategies directed at English classrooms
Literacy Seminar 31 Oct 09 1 half day Run by former Literacy Advisor for LTS – texts for S1/2 and how to improve reading attainment

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