CPD – interesting reading

I’m frustrated by not being able to get access to lots of interesting CPD reading as the sites are blocked in school. Therefore herewith below is a list of interesting videos, articles or blog posts found whilst trying to improve my professional practice.

CfE – some useful articles and blog posts by various educators

Curriculum for Excellence in East Lothian A blog post by Ferghal Kelly CfE Officer for East Lothian on a learning Wall set up in Dunbar Grammar School

The Learning Wall – Copy of the PowerPoint

CfE Priority Another interesting post by Ferghal Kelly on the priorities with some good examples of CfE

Educational Theory

Article on mindsets – Prof Carol Dweck Fixed or growth mindsets? A good introduction here

Transcription of Carol Dweck’s address to SLF 2009

An introduction to Brainology Carol Dweck -article about her mindset learning theories/programme



ICT in the classroom

OFSTED report on the safe use of new technologies (pdf)

The safe use of new technologies (Word Doc)

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