CfE – Experiences and Outcomes on a page

We get overwhelmed by the ridiculously small font and size of the E&O posters that came with ‘zer shiny green folders’. Since we’re only dealing with S1-3 (Third Level) in CfE from August I edited the Literacy E&O so they appear on one page for each area. Writing, reading and Talk/Listening. I then put Writing/Reading back to back and laminate then add a chart with the new levels to the back of the Talk/Listen one, laminate and bingo. Copies given to department and Learning Support who like them as they also make the E and Os seem more manageable.

Copies for download are here

Listening and talking E and O 3level only

Reading writing EandO 3 level only

Adapt as you wish. Prints onto A4 – colour is best 😎

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