Blogging and CPD

Managed to sort 16 new blogs for my S5/6 Int 2 class today.  I am asking for wordpress to be added to the whitelist. After all blogs based on wordpress multi-user (WPMU)  as used by colleges and students worldwide will feature in GLOW shortly with a bit of luck. We really need a NATIONAL policy on web filtering. 😎

This is something that is being discussed more widely of late; and not just on twitter or at teachmeets for example. It IS important and needs to be resolved NOW rather than two years down the line when GLOW is fully up and running nationwide. I, my students and their parents don’t want to see some sort of digital divide caused by differing ideas on access to the Internet or opportunities for reflection/ePortfolios etc from different areas. Let’s go with the  East, West Lothians models – hundreds of blogging teachers as well as the Director and students by the school full! Look at Aberdeenshire who are allowing personal laptops to be added to their networks by students which ensures that far more kids can get fast and secure access during school hours. Clackmannanshire apparently don’t operate website blacklists they allow SCHOOLS to decide what they need and what they want banned.

HMIe released a document today about CPD (Continuing Professional Development) and they also say that IT can play a major role in both teacher development and student attainment. The document is here called Learning together: Improving teaching improving learning. Available in pdf for download (37 pages) or online.

An interesting read and with some good examples of good practice. They also give a mention to teachmeets as excellent examples of CPD!  

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