Back to school

We’re back! INSET yesterday and the kids returned to day along with 220 S1s. We have a HUGE S1 and S5 this year so the roll is picking up. The worries about the local RAF base closing will not be confirmed either way until October so until then we’ll crack on. IF the base closes then we might lose up to a third of our roll. But as with all things we shall have to wait and see.  Until then – I’m cracking on! Did the first S1 elective lesson CfE today – the school magazine see here – 35 eager kids rolled up – 32 girls and 3 boys so guess who are editing the sports pages, lads….

Results from the SQA exams were excellent overall, either on target or better especially at Int 2. Good stuff. I was pleased for my S4s especially as they worked hard and those who worked really hard got the results they deserved.

So…back to work, back to reflection and blogging as we go. This term I’m taking students on a GLOW trip, getting them to blog and setting up wikis for each topic and so on. We shall see how we go. And of course we have CfE to sort out… we do live in interesting times. (Comes from the Chinese saying “时势造英雄”(pin-yin shi shi zao ying xiong), which means heroes (or leaders, depending upon your interpretation) are best created in turbulent eras.)

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