Avatar and Curriculum for Excellence – two strange new worlds..

This term the pace of CfE has quickened and I’ve been looking at media (films, TV and news) to find ‘stuff’ that would enable me to create a wide ranging and easily differentiated resource for S1 up to S3. Having never been able to watch ‘Avatar’ in 3D I was given the DVD a few weeks ago and afterwards it started me thinking about how I could use it in many different ways. Then CfE reared its head and the thing grew and grew until I ended up with a document showing every subject and suggestions from subjects teachers as well as ideas from my S2 and S3 classes. Not only did the kids like the message of colonialism, eco warriors, being at one with nature/Gaia and the special effects but they also thought it was a good film to write imaginative responses to.

I found a wallwisher page with some great ideas added by Peter O’Brien here and then created a AVATAR CfE ideas document with the extra ideas from PTs and students.

Since then we’ve been charging around school asking people for more ideas. I’ll keep this updated. IT also produced some excellent imaginative writing from S2; they wrote about a variety of views from the bad guys to a Na’vi child seeing the destruction of Hometree to a young hunter flying his first banshee. There were some good discussions about the Amazonian rain forest and the tribes affected by illegal logging as well as research and discursive essays on the plight of the Indian tribes whose health is being affected by the activities of the British owned Vedana Mining Company. Details here about India and here for the Amazon background.

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