A busy week…

S5/6 are back after prelims to get their feedback, chewing out and settling down to some serious work. Why DO they not study during the holidays/study leave? Some schools keep them IN school during exams and have them do study in supervised rooms…tempting. What is so annoying is that the majority WILL pass Int 2, some with good grades yet just now they seem so…. unfocused. Mayhap we’d be better doing the real exams in January like I did for my old O Levels. Meant we could do two/three subjects in January and then having got them out of the way, concentrate on the main subjects for the June exam diet. Their reports are also due next week!

S4 are going to be VERY busy sorting and redrafting their folio pieces for the next three weeks. Then once the folios are sealed and dispatched we can start some real revising!  S4 Parents’ Evening this Wednesday so a few home truths being laid out (again) and maybe this time the kids will take note and start working harder and justifying the ability and potential they have.

I’m also doing a GLOW Meet on Thursday, finishing a couple of other things off AND trying to get some exciting lessons sorted for my S1-S3s. Teaching – keeps you young or at least keeps you going. Some days I feel that if I stop, I’ll just keel over ! 😎

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